Curriculum Vitae

Employment and freelance

February 2013 -    : Set Up Shop, Suame Magazine, Kumasi, Ghana, Africa. With students of the DesignLab of the Rietveld Academie, and in collaboration with Art and Technical students of the Kwame Nkrumah University, the research of artisanship and car reassembly will be conducted in the Suame Magasine, the largest car recycling plant in Africa. This research project is associated with the "Building a Dream Car" project by Melle Smets and the "set up shop" team. The dream car will be built out of various parts of discarded European cars in collaboration with artisans of the Suame Magasine. To follow the project, see

March  - June 2012: Utrecht Manifest, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Designer for the Utrecht Biennial for Social Design, under the title of  "A Working Landscape". Artistic Director: Jurgen Bey. Designs for the Tamoil Gas station and Car wash in the Rotsoord district of Utrecht. Designs highlight through cross collaboration local businesses and expertise focusing on the automobile. Designs are experienced at the Tamoil gas station throughout the month of May 2012. 

September 2011 - March 2012: Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lead Mentor of Make A Forest and Dronten project with Master and Rietveld Students.

January 2011 -: Twentse Welle, Enschede, The Netherlands. Project Leader with designer Jurgen Bey for exhibition "Privacy".

April 2010 - : Premsela, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion. Advisory Board Member of People's Republic of Design Program.

April 2010 - : DroogLab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lead Designer for the Artic Project with Winy Mas, Christien Meinderstma, Stuart Sproule, Pirjo Haikola.

September 2010 - : Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Teacher at the DesignLab

April 2010 - June 2010: Academie van Bouwkunst - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Guest Teacher for the Almere Pioneer Project.

September 2009: Dutch Design Double, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curator and exhibit designer for "Translations in Process", a shoe exhibit of the works of Roswitha van Rijn, Marloes ten Bohmer and Cedric Flazinski.

September 2009: Academie van Bouwkunst - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Workshop leader for StreetWorks, Approaching Amsterdam. Created the "Walking the Line" workshop to encourage architecture, landscape and urbanism students to map a section of a main Amsterdam road through a material perspective by literally scavenging for "urban fabric". The Curation by the students of this fabric resulted in an exhibition "off/of street"  at the end of the day.

April 2009: Platform 21, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Designer of the Mobile Repair Unit and co-writer of the Repair Manifesto.

October 2008: Akzo Nobel -  Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Corporate Branding Head Office. Design Consultation and Project Management of the India Festival opening ceremony installation. Opened by Her Royal Princess Maxima.

October - December 2008: Academie van Bouwkunst - Amsterdam. Guest Teacher of the Suitcase Project, designed by Hathaway for Identity and Scenario Design for University students of Architecture.

April 2008 - present: Wieden + Kennedy - Portland, Oregon. USA. Freelance Designer. Concepting and Ideation for clients such as Target.

May 2008: Rietveld Academie, Textile Department - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Invited to critique student's work on textile architecture.

Jan - March 2008: Rietveld Academie, DesignLab - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Teaching concept development and product creation with Sophie Krier.

September 2006 - September 2007: Technical University Eindhoven, Industrial Design Masters Department - Eindhoven. The Netherlands.Teacher in the Empowering People Track.

September 2006 - May 2007: Platform 21 and Premsela Foundation - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Researcher and Curator of "Travels Through Paradise" Exhibition.
Based upon my research of 21st Century leisure and entertainment activity and material manifestations, a month-long exhibition resulted and exposed the domaines of professional and amateur hobby production. "Travels Through Paradise" brought together 55 professional and amateur miniature builders in an interdisciplinary and collaborative effort to build a 55 meter miniature train track.  Builders included Artist Kim Adams from Canada, Makkink and Bey (Jurgen Bey, designer ), NEXT Architects, Ted Noten, Melle Smets (GANG), Ed Van Hinte (design writer and educator), and train hobbyists from the National Federation of Modelbuilders (NMF) and the manufacturers Preiser and Busch.
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February 2007: "Souvenirs Revisited" - A series of porcelains based upon traditional Canadian souvenirs re-told to reflect contemporary concerns about identity and nature. Three figurines were shown in Toronto, Canada with MotherBrand as part of the Gladstone's  "Come Up to My Room" Event. See also, under interview.

Sept. 2002 – September 2007: FunLab Masters, Design Academy Eindhoven - The Netherlands. Artistic Director and Teacher of Masters course focusing on Experiential Economies and Scenario Design.
The FunLab Master Design course focuses on the development of designs of experience that are imbedded culturally and have implications beyond the quick fix of entertainment such as that found in theme parks and entertainment zones.  FunLab Teachers include psychologists (Susanne Piet), trend forecasters (Li Edelkoort), storytellers (Willem de Ridder and Joost Swarte), communication experts (Tyler Whisnand of Kessels Kramer) and event and architectural designers (Javier Mariscal, Barcelona).  Over the years, international students have worked with themes like rituals, fashion, public space and architecture, and more specific subjects like Toys and Play (Ed Van Hinte and Ed Annink, designers), Food and Ritual (Kaspur Kurdahl, food designer) or obsession (Alan Murray, designer). Students have travelled internationally to research landscapes in Worlitz, Germany and  Las Vegas, USA. 

June 2006: Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam - The Netherlands. Textile Department. Rijksgecommiteerd (external examiner) for final examination projects.

May 2005 - present: Lightness Studios - The Netherlands. Creative Consultant in Marketing and Communication.
A laboratory and think-tank, Lightness Studios deals with issues consequential to building light, from manufacture and construction processes and transportation. An intensive two year, interdisciplinary studio will generate implementable designs inspired by the collaboration between the building Industry and Creatives, including Product designers Jurgen Bey and Bertjan Pot, Aerospace Engineers from Delft University, Architects and fashion and textile designers such asEugene van Veldhoven.

July - November 2005: Symposium “De Brabantse Spelen: Vormgeving en Sport in Brabantstad” - Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Artistic Director.
Guest lecturers included Guus Beumer on Fashion and Sport, Ed Van Hinte on Sport, War and Technology, and Rein Jansma on Sport Architecture. The event included workshops and activities for 500 invitees from various governmental ministries, the business sector, creatives and communication experts and academia.

October 2005: “Chittima” Childcare Bangkok - Thailand. Fashion designer for uniforms for Chittima Childcare Bangkok. Included children and baby uniform and caregivers.
April 2005: Kessels Kramer, and Effective Brands - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for Calvin Klein. Designer in a think - tank collective for the next launch of Calvin Klein Perfume. The concepts were approved by CK in June of 2005 for further development by designer Fabian Baron, the designer of CK One advertising and creative design.
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March 2005 - May 2006: Organic, Inc. - Creative Consultant for this North American Internet marketing, Branding and Communications Corporation.  Leader and creator of 2-day lecture and workshop itineraries for all employees set in Las Vegas.  Workshops focused on developing new skills in research, scenario and communication, which are then implemented into Organic work philosophy and strategy. (

August 2002 – October 2003: Eternally Yours Foundation - Den Haag, TheNetherlands. Head Creative Director / Exhibition Designer for the International Conference “Eternally Yours 24 Hrs. Time in Design: Visions on Product Endurance”.
Conference took place in October 2003 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, which included 450 participants from Italy, England, USA and Holland. Lecturers included Brian Eno, Michael Landy, Guus Beumer, Enzio Manzini, John Thackara, Fumi Masuda, Bruce Sterling, and Michael Floyd. The conference took place over a continuous 24-hour period.

May, 2003: Design Academy Eindhoven and Bavaria N.V., - Lieshout, The Netherlands.
Product Designs for spectator activities and souvenirs for Dutch Soccer Championships 2003, for proposed winning team PSV. Designs for 50,000 spectators proposed.

November 2002: Design Lab, Bangkok - Thailand. Uniform and fashion accessory designs for PR, Senior and Junior Hairdressers for 5 “Quick Cut” Salons.

July 2002 – present - Freelance Designer for Droog Design, Amsterdam.

July 2002: FHV Content, Creative Development Company - Amstelveen,The Netherlands. Workshop leader for Product development and Consultation Workshops for Sanex Corporation Europe.

1994 – 1997: Versatile Mosaics - Victoria, Canada. Owner of Mosaic Installation Company for private and public residences, and businesses, focusing on interior design and identity. Clients included Street Clothing, Aritzia Clothing Vancouver, Mirari Interiors, and Citta Construction.


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Curriculum Vitae


2000 – 2002: Masters in Product, Identity and Architectural DesignThe Design Academy - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Focus: Product Design. Thesis Mentors: Gijs Baker, Renny Ramakers Jurgen Bey of Droog Design. Examiner: Reyn van der Lugt.

2000 – 2001: Masters in Experiential Design Pilot Project, FunLab, The Design Academy - Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Tutors: Ed Annink, Max Bruinsma, Ed van Hinte and Jan Konings.

1998 – 2000: Undergraduate Degree in Architectural Design - AKI, Academie Beeldende Kunst, Enschede, The Netherlands. Mentors: Edward Geluk, Architect.

1997 – 1998: First Year of Industrial Design. ECIAD, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouve - Canada

1987 – 1990: University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada. Undergraduate Degree in Arts and Science.


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Curriculum Vitae

Exhibitions + Collections

Cambridge Galleries, University of Waterloo, Architecture School - Waterloo, Canada. 5%: Against the Odds. Canadian Women in Industrial Design. Exhibition of contemporary Canadian Female Industrial Designers, with Cynthia Hathaway, Helen Kerr, Patty Johnson, Diane Bisson, Diane Croteau and Michelle Ivankovic. November 15 - January 15, 2012.

Galeria Miejska w Tarnowie - Tarnow, Poland. Berek! Szukam! Exhibition,  June 21, 2011 - July 21, 2011. Headshot Photobooth displayed. With Dini Besems, Guy Keulemans, Bartosz Mucha, Leonard van Munster, Eric van Robertson, Suzuki Office, Joanna van der Zanden of Platform 21.

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - Torun, Poland. Tag! Base! Hide and Seek Exhibition, December 4, 2010 - February 13, 2011. "Headshot" Photobooth displayed.

Al-Sabah Art and Design Collection - Shaab, Kuwait. Fragiles Exhibition, June 7 - July 5, 09. "Souvenirs Revisited" Porcelains exhibited.

Platform 21 - Amsterdam. September 2008. "Hacking Ikea". "IKIKIK" Necklaces and Sashes exhibited. Show travelled also to Korea, and in 2009 to Montreal for the Biennale.

Beaver Tales: Canadian Art and Design - UTAC, Toronto. September 2008. Souvenirs Revisited Porcelain Series, "Deer" exhibited.

"Fragiles" Gestalten Publishers - Berlin. Travelling exhibition on Porcelain, Glass and Ceramics. Miami Design Fair 2007, Kortrijk at Quinze and Milan in 2008.

Wry + Ginger by Azure - NYC. Exhibition of new products by 15 Canadian Designers at Design Within Reach (DWR). Souvenirs Revisited Porcelains exhibited.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - The Netherlands, Simply Droog 10 + 1 Years of Avant - Garde Design. Continuing travelling show with Digital Nest Clock exhibited as part of Droog Collection.

Fluid Functions - Droog Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October - November, 2004: Solo-show of Carrefour products at Droog’s exhibition space in Amsterdam.

Open Borders - Droog Design, Lille France, September - November, 2004. Toy Bird project shown as part of Droog Event in the Cultural Capitol of Europe, 2004.

Carrefour Supermarket - Lille, France, September - October, 2004: Solo-Exhibition “fluid Functions” took place inside this mega-supermarket store where 9 products were created, designed, and displayed from the shelves of the supermarket. Products and DIY manuals also available for show and downloading on Droog website, In collaboration with Carrefour supermarket, I was invited to re-vitalize existing Carrefour products within a DIY system. Various “hybrids” of off - the - shelf items were displayed and exhibited, including a new store uniform of shirt and tie worn by employees opening night. Alongside each new product was a manual for an interested shopper/designer to follow the easy instructions to produce it for oneself at home.

VIVID Vormgeving - Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August - October, 2004. Flip Clock shown in Eternally Yours Foundation Retrospective.

Fellissimo Design House - New York, May, 2004: "Memory Wallpaper" exhibited in Cabin Show, a collective of Canadian Designers.

Chelsea Hotel New York “Improvisaire” - May 2004, Young Designers at work in Holland visit New York’s famous landmark and spend 2 weeks designing from the streets and archives of the Chelsea. Installation/exhibition to take place in two rooms, one being Marianne Faithful’s room.

Droog 10 - Munich, April 2004. Traveling retrosective exhibition celebrating Droog’s jubilee. Cuckoo Clock exhibited.

Tokyo Designer’s Block - Tokyo, Japan, October 2003. In the collective called Mother of Toronto, Canada. Four Canadian Designers showcased in Canadian Embassy and Ex’Realm Gallery in Tokyo for International Design Fair. Cabin has been picked up by for touring throughout Japan and for manufacturing possibilities.

Milano Salone Furniture Fair - 9-15 April 2002, Droog Hotel, Milan, Italy. Two clocks,  presented as part of Droog Design Collection, 2002.

Droog Design Shop - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Digital Cuckoo Clock with Nest and Madurodam photo series as part of their retail collection.

Hotel Droog Videowork 2002 - Droog Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Two cuckoo clocks,  the Digital Cuckoo clock with Nest and Digital Cuckoo.


Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, New York. Memory Wallpaper acquired as part of wallhanging collection.
Droog Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cuckoo Clock, Fluid Functions Designs, and Madurodam Photograph Series.
FHV Content / BBDO Worldwide Creative Marketing, Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Louie Lulu Jackson Cuckoo Clock
Reyn van der Lugt Curation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Complete Thesis publications of “The Redemption of the Fake”.
Design Lab, Bangkok, Thailand. Cuckoo Spin Clock.
Ed Van Hinte, Publisher / Writer, Den Hague, The Netherlands. Madurodam Photography.
Jurgen Bey, Designer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Madurodam Photography.
Erik Kessels, KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Film “The Alphen Brothers”.
Tyler Whisnand, Wieden and Kennedy, USA. "Souvenirs Revisited" Polar Bear figurines.


Curriculum Vitae


May 2004: DSM Unlimited Young Designers Award, 2004, The Netherlands. Annual design award for Perfume “l’Office”,  of which 4000 produced and distributed. (


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Curriculum Vitae


Tacchini, Giuliaber, Calgagni, Paolo, Lazzara, Lucio Luzo, Rinetti, Ricardo, The Official Point of View, Enorme Film Arts, Milano - 2002. Cuckoo Clock as part of the Hotel Droog for Salone Mobile 2002.

Raemakers, Renny - Less and More - Droog Design in Context, 010 Publishers Rotterdam, 2002. Regarding the “Right to Copy Project, Starling”.

BNO Vormberichten - Amsterdam, Issue: Amusement, VB 07.08, 2001. All Efteling Films quoted upon and explained.

Timo de Rijk - Rotterdam - Thesis work “The Redemption of the Fake” presented as part of a lecture series on Contemporary Design in Istanbul “Design for 21 Century”, and Scotland, both August 2002


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Curriculum Vitae

Lecture Circuit


Unibz DesignFestival 2012, "Learning" Conference and Workshops - Bolzano, Italy. September 20 - 22, 2012. Workshop leader and guest lecturer together with Sophie Krier, Metahaven,Formafantasma, Rob Giampietro, mishler'traxler, Daniel Eatock, Flavia Muller-Madieros. 

Utrecht Manifest, Utrecht - Utrecht, The Netherlands.April 6, 2012. Guest lecturer on transportation design and Classic Car collecting in North America. Focusing on the qualities of expertise, DIY, DIT, self-sufficiency, hacking and and "how the world should be" found in hobby-ism and amateur economies.

SAIC, School of Art Institute Chicago - Chicago, USA. December 5, 2011. Guest Lecturer

DroogLab Event Toronto - Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada. November 30, 2011. Presentation of XXL City Harvester complex, designed by Hathaway for DroogLab's Luxury of the North Project. Panel discussion with Renny Ramakers Director of Droog, Agata Jaworska of Droog Lab, Mark Gorgolewski of Department of Agricultural Science Ryerson, and John Vincent, Giant Vegetable Grower. Moderator: Misha Glouberman.

Harbourfront Centre - Toronto, Canada. January 2010. Innovators + Ideas lecture series, with Tobias Wong. During the Toronto International Design Festival. Lecture: Design Collaborators: Projects and Process. Presented by Motherbrand.

Gardiner Museum - Toronto, Canada. January 2010. Lecture: Design and the Ceramic Industry in Holland. Presented by  Motherbrand during the Cut Copy Paste Exhibition.

Utrecht Manifest - Utrecht, The Netherlands. October 2009. Lecture with Gwen Floyd on "Mennonites + Technology".

Platform 21 - Amsterdam. February 2008. Hathaway's "Roadtrip" talk presented in the lecture series "The Future of the Automobile". Took place during the "Joyriding" exhibition.

Gumi International Industrial Design Forum - Gumi City, Korea, October 5, 2007. Guest speaker for forum on improving Competitive Power of Products. 

Willem de Kooning Institute - Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 2007. Lecture "Las Vegas as Cultural Escapism" presented.

International Conference on Experience Design - Bozen - Bolzano, Italy, December 2005. Guest lecturer on “Designs of Experience as Co-Creative”. Publication of lectures due Spring 2006 for International Distribution.

TUE, Technical University Eindhoven - Eindhoven, September 2005. Department of Industrial Design. Lecture on Las Vegas as part of Escapism symposium.

ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair - New York, May 2004. Lecture on Experience Design during furniture fair on location.

Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2004. Lecture and guest critic for Industrial Design Department with Frank Tjepkema.

Arnhem School for the Arts and Design - Arnhem, The Netherlands. September, 2003. Guest Lecturer and Critic for graduating students in the Undergraduate Industrial Design Department, with Ed Van Hinte.

AKI, Architecture and Fine Arts College - Enschede, The Netherlands. Guest Teacher and Lecturer for final year students in Architectural Design Department, June 2003 – October 2003. Edward Geluk, Head of Department.

BNO Zephir 7 - September 2002, Theater Zeebelt, The Hague, The Netherlands. Lectured in series of talks on new designers in The Netherlands. Thesis work presented.

Edelkoort Inc., and United Publishers S.A.: Textile View, View Point, View on Colour, Inview, Bloom: The View Seminar. Fashion Institute of Technology - New York, November 7 and 8, 2001. Speaker at the “View Seminar, 2001”. Presented “The Right to Copy: Starling” Project. List of speakers included Li Edelkoort, Director, United Publishers and Bonnie Young of Donna Karan Collection Design.

Studio Edelkoort: United Publishers S.A., “Bijou 2002” Trend Forecast Event - Paris,France. “Brand New” Video presented as part of Trend Forecasting 2002 with Li Edelkoort, Director, United Publishers and View Magasines, and Bonnie Young of Donna Karan Collection Design.

Nederlands 1 Television, AVRO 1 - The Netherlands. Programme: OPIUM, Entertainment in the 20th Century. FunLab Efteling Videos shown.








Curriculum Vitae

Publications + Websites : Souvenirs Revisited Porcelains featured and sold. : frequent contributor to this first of its kind resource site on Canadian Design. featured and exhibited with this Canadian Designer and Graphics collaborative. : Hathaway's work and info with Droog Design posted here. : News and expert advice for the digital marketer. Article by Mark Kingdon, past CEO of Organic and present CEO of Linden Lab writes on Hathaway's Camp Organic. "What's your Analysis - to - Emotion Ratio". : Memory Wallpaper acquisition for Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York.

Fragiles: Porcelain, Glass + Ceramics - Gestalten Verlag, Berlin. 2008. Souvenirs Revisited Porcelains featured in "Neo Figurines" chapter.

101 Things To Do - Kessels Kramer, Amsterdam, 2006 BIS Publishers, The Netherlands. "Do Mobile" project presented for mobile phone designs of activity for the anniversary publication of the "Do" initiative of KesselsKramer.

DPI Design Stars Boulevard Interview Collection - Taiwan. September 2008. Hathaway designs featured.

Femina Deco - Switzerland. September 2008 Autumn Edition. Souvenirs Revisited porcelains featured in "Attention! Fragile" section.

Eigenhuis + Interieur - The Netherlands. August 2008, # 8. Souvenirs Revisited Porcelains featured.

Beaver Tales Exhibition Publication -  Toronto, Canada. September - December 2008.Souvenirs Revisited Porcelains featured in "Nature Expresses Culture and Identity" chapter.

Vogue Britain - May 2008. Souvenirs Revisted Porcelains featured.

Goodies Magasine - The Netherlands. April 2008. Interview of Hathaway by Jorrit Roerdinkholder on Designs for Railroad transportation.

The Walrus - Toronto, Canada, March 2008. "Lumberjack Chic": Interview of Hathaway concerning Canadian Identity and Product Design.

FRAME - The Netherlands. March/April 2008. Souvenirs Revisted featured in article of Fragiles Miami Exhibtion.

DPI - Taiwan. Febuary 2008. Volume 106. Asian Publication for Graphic and Product Design. Hathaway 's work featured with accompanying interview.

Fast Forward - GreyTones and VolleKracht, The Netherlands. October 2007. Miniature Photography featured.

ITEMS - The Netherlands. May/August 2007. Trvels Through Paradise Exhibition and Lightness Studios highlighted.

BLVD - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January Issue, 2005: “Top Designers To Watch for 2005”. Selected as one of the “top 100” designers in Holland.

IM: Identity Matters - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 05/04 Issue: “Gezocht: Broodontwerpers”. article written on work done for Droog Lille show Open Borders, with Toy Bird project and Carrefour supermarket Exhibition described and highlighted.

Hypergraphia - Cabin / Cabane 2004, The Canadian Issue, Toronto, Canada: Issue 1 : Memory Wallpaper shown and highlighted in article “Cabin Fever” by Michael Enright. “... it is a story that needs content, like the resonant silhouettes on Cynthia Hathaway’s faux wood wallpaper. I would love to wake up to that pattern, or to be comforted in the dark by its white and ghostly presences.”

Interior Design - June 2004, New York: Improvissare work featured at Chelsea Hotel. Rooms “transformed into impromtu treasures”. Metropolis: Architecture, Culture and Design, February 2004. Memory wallpaper chosen for article “In Production”.

IM: Identity Matters - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Spring 2004. Design AcademyEindhoven’s FunLab Master class, the Suitcase projectfeatured on cover and as main article. Artistic Director of project: Cynthia Hathaway, with guest teacher Tyler Whisnand of KesselsKramer, Amsterdam.

CBC Radio 3 - Canada. On website publication on the Arts and Design,, “Big Ideas”, October 10 – 16, 2003. Cabin show in Tokyo, Japan reviewed and posted, with “Memory Wallpaper” highlighted.

Sliptales - KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. January 2004. “Sliptales”, a book of short tales for Neroc Corporation, The Netherlands. Designed and edited by myself, produced in partnership with KesselsKramer, International Communications Bureau.

Droog Now - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Number 18, April 2003. Full - Spread article written on my thesis work about the relationship between the fake and the real, entitled, “Redemption of the Fake”.

S&RO - stedebouw and Ruimtelijke Ordening, Nirov Publications, Den Haag, The Netherlands. March, Number 3, 2003. Madurodam Series chosen to accompany architectural articles on “Nostalgia and Retro: An Economic Analysis”.

Art 4d - Architecture/Design and Arts, Bangkok, Thailand. May 2004. Quick Cut Hair Salons highlighted, with successful reviews on their concept and “costuming” by myself.

Your Source - Lifestyle, Interiors and Architecture, Toronto, Canada. Spring/Summer 2003. Interviewed about Dutch Design as a member of Droog Design.

BLVD Magasine - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July / August, 2002. Voted best clockdesign for 2002.


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