Project 01  Interdisciplinary Curation

Eternally Yours

Creative Director and Choreographer for the `Eternally Yours 24 Hours Time in Design Conference`. This international gathering of experts from the arts, product design, engineering, architecture and industry were hosted and supported by 450 participants to create dialogue and strategies for product endurance. `Time is no consideration in product design... Time can be incorporated in design of products that have to remain in use for a long time... Time brings together many disciplines such as sociology, philosophy, advertising, servicing, technology, economy and product design.` Ed Van Hinte, Eternally Yours. Hathaway consulted on event and content production including PR material and the design of the 24 - hour hotel with the designs of Joop van Lieshout.  Contributing partners included The Long Now Foundation, Centre for Sustainable Consumption, Doors of Perception Foundation, and endorsed by O2 Global Network, Droog Design, and the United Nations Environmental Programme, and the Faculty of Environmental Design University of Calgary.


Project 02  Interdisciplinary Curation

Brabantse Spelen

Artistic Director of the symposium `De Brabantse Spelen, Vormgeving en Sport`,The Netherlands. The combination of industry, producers and creatives came together to discuss the next generation of sport and play. Speakers included philosopher Gustaf Beumer on Fashion and Sport, Ed Van Hinte on Sport, War and Technology, and Rein Jansma on Sport Architecture. Interactive debates and workshops provided a venue for discussion and ideation to be put forth to governmental departments for further development. Invited creatives with unique designs for sports and gaming were also present such as Rob Zimmerman and his Track Jam racing circuit and Guido Ooms with his table tennis bats.  and


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Project 03  Interdisciplinary Curation

Travels Through Paradise

Chief Curator and Researcher for the exhibition and supporting workshops at Platform 21, Amsterdam. Combining from various professional and amateur domaines of miniature building, Hathaway showcased 55 meters of train track under the theme of `Travels Through Paradise`. Supporting Hathaway´s research on simulated environments and activities, this exhibition exposed the diverse creative responses to the use of miniature materials and representations. From architects and architectural model builders, digital artists and gamers, product designers, sculptors, and train hobbyists, Hathaway accumulated 55 builders to reconsider the future of hobby in an economy of leisure and entertainment that is favoring the digital over the physical. Themes such as extended time frames, amateur and professional expertise, perfectionism, obsession, imitation and interpretation were driving themes revealing the various qualities to consider in designing for the domaines of work and play.


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