Project 01  Creative Consulting

Camp Organic

Hathaway Designs provides creative consulting services to companies in search of new  methods and insights for product development. Providing custom-tailored lectures and immersion excercises, Hathaway provides companies alternative tools for  customer research and marketing. With Organic Inc., a North American leader in Internet Marketing, Branding and Communication, Hathaway developed a program for Persona development, empathetic branding strategies and immersion excercises for employees from all disciplines. `Camp Organic´ has been active since 2005, with many sessions in Las Vegas, USA. `Many tools analyse customers, but do we really understand them?.. We observe customers from a distance, through two/way mirrors or in black and white PowerPoint presentations... Too often we read the statistics, make assumptions, and produce. We don´t observe. Think. Most important feel. We´ve stripped `empathy`from our vocabulary... we feel we had to go the next step, really challenge our people and our way of thinking. We found Cynthia Hathaway to help us.` Mark Kingdon, CEO, Organic


Project 02  Creative Consulting

Lightness Studios

Founded in 2006, Lightness Studios of The Netherlands responds to the need to think, build and breath lightness into our material world. Lightness Studios is a laboratory and initiator of projects and issues regarding building light, from manufacture and construction processes to new transportation systems. In charge of marketing and communication, Hathaway is a member of an intensive two year, interdisciplinary studio, and maintains the implementation of designs with collaborations between high and low tech industry, creatives and the consumer. The team of designers vary from textile and fashion, architecture and product, and aerospace engineers.