Project 01  Product Designs

Chelsea Hotel

Included in the  selected group of designers from the Netherlands, Hathaway participated in the New York “Improvisaire” in collaboration with the Design Academy Eindhoven during the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) 2004. The designers were given two existing rooms at the famous Chelsea Hotel, and collaborated in re-designing within two weeks with all found materials in the streets of NYC. Highlights included a chandeliere of hangers, a carpet with inlaid slippers and a stacked bed with numerous bed posts and feet.

The designers showcased were
Cynthia Hathaway, Mark van der Gronden, Joris Laarman, Christien Meindertsma, Reineke Otten, Marc van de Sande and Neeltje Westenend


Project 02  Product Designs


Selected as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in New York, Memory Wallpaper consists of rolls of adhesive vinyl, with various cut-outs of nostalgic domestic items. What lies beneath allows the forms to be seen, as the old wallpaper is revealed and celebrated with the new.


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Project 03  Product Designs

Souvenirs Revisited

These porcelains are alternatives to the standard nostalgic and cliched designs of existing Canadian souvenirs offered on today’s market. Expressing the need to be more realistic about “identity memoires”, these forms are both beautiful and devastating in their reflection of the changes in nature and peoples of Canada. Each figurine is beautifully hand produced by Inge ven der Bosch.


* for sale!: for information on how to order please contact these Reps in Europe: or

in North America:  for signed editions. (interview about Souvenirs Revisited project)


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Project 04  Product Designs

L'office parfum

The winning design of the DSM Young Designer Award 2004, lÓffice Perfume is for the working environment, to be used before a board meeting, or a meeting with the Boss, before a cup of coffee with a colleague, or as a spray before heading home from a long-day’s work. L’Office is a light citrus fragrance for both men and women, and comes in a package and bottle that fits into the working desk environment. Made from pink eraser material, the bottle can be used and transforms shape over time. The bottle sits within a writing pad, ready for use.


Project 05  Product Designs

Meeting at the supermarket

“There is alot of communication going on in the supermarket, from price tags, package design, daily offers, the flashing number signs above each cashier, to the weekly mail out of advertisements.” Tyler Whisnand, KesselsKramer.  Exposing other ways of communication in the world of consumption, KesslesKramer asked Hathaway to explore further and offer an unexpected vision on something so common.  A publication of shopping receipts and various interpretations, this book of a series celebrates “what we buy is what we do”. Hathaway compiled numerous stories, poems, photos, illustrations from herself and a chosen team of designers, advertizing and identity experts, that indicate what could be the person and reason behind dozens of actual shopping receipts found in carts and parking lots of a local Dutch supermarket. The Book is dispensed in stores and  machines throughout Holland.

*for sale! To buy a copy while supplies last, please email


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Project 06  Product Designs



To celebrate and chronicle the progress of “DO”, an initiative of KesselsKramer of Amsterdam, Hathaway was invited to submit proposals for the new book entitled “101 Things to Do”. Under the brand name, “Do” demands collaborating between the designer and the end-user in order for the brand to exist. Therefore, “Do” is a brand that requires interaction and multiple participation, asking for action by the consumer. Hathaway was given the theme “do mobile”, and was featured with other notable designers in the publication. Hathaway’s mobile phone design allows for actions whilst being stuck in a traffic jam. “Calling a new mobile number results in a jar of jam that is made and distributed at gas stations and toll booths. The jar label notes the caller’s GPS coordinates, the time of the call, and the license plate number. JamJam is a product made by those who did something sweet with their jam time.”


Project 07  Product Designs

Uniforms Hairdresser

For DesignLab Bangkok, Hathaway Designs created a full package for fashion outfits and accessories for “Quick Cut” Hair Salons, including leather holsters and aprons for hairdressers with special seams of hair fringe. Designs celebrated hair and youthfulness, with Converse sneakers and pinstripped overalls.


Project 08  Product Designs

Digital cuckoo clocks

Fro the Droog Collection, two digital cuckoo clocks denote the past and present methods of telling time. Harking back to the cuckoo as a bird that sings in the forest and it’s further replacement by digital technology, the cuckoo is set free from our purposes. An empty nest is left behind for the next digital inhabitant.


Project 09  Product Designs

Toy Bird

Commissioned for Droog Design and the Open Borders event in Lille, this combination cuckoo clock is inspired by the historical
methods of telling time when man has simulated natural cycles and adapted them through mechanisation, including the cuckoo clock of the German Black Forest. In ToyBird, a real mimicing bird tells the time, as the sound of it’s fabricated self, the wooden cuckoo, is turned off. In balance with the real bird, the wooden cuckoo is still needed to signal when to cuckoo, and provides needed companionship for the bird. The real bird carves his beak on the wooden clock, sculpting a truer-to-life bird house. 


Project 10  Design Innovation + Research

The Cuckoo Gets his Wings

A digital clock references it’s origins when a cuckoo bird is given to flight. On every half hour,the right section spins, showcasing a animation of the bird flying.


Project 11  Product Designs

The Alphen Clock

Hathaway’s clocks capture the way time “looks like”. Visualizations of time passing include many mechanized clocks, and also the documentation of human routines, such as that seen in the Alphen Clock. This video documents the daily walk of two dogs by two brothers called the Alphens over a period of 4 months, three times a day. When witnessed in this way, the Alphens depict what time it is by not only when they are seen walking (around 8-ish, 2-ish and 7-ish), but also indicate what day it is and what the weather will be like for that day. On Sundays the uniforms are more formal, and if it is going to be cold, a sweater is worn and on a  warmer day a Hawaiian shirt.


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Project 12  Product Designs

Fluid Functions Lille

In collaboration with Droog Design and Carrefour Supermarkets of Lille France, Hathaway re-vitalized existing Carrefour products within a Do-it-Yourself system. Various “hybrids” of off-the-shelf items were combined and resulted in an in-store exhibition and a catalogue of DIY manuals to be downloaded off the Droog Design website. Items included a new store uniform called “Tied-Shirt”, for those who need to look formal but casual at the same time, a fancy collar of paper doillies, a body hook for items that you use constantly, and a birdfeeder outfit to be worn by a person who loves birds.


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